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2022 NWI Thunder Player Registration


Our NWI Thunder 2023 Fall Tryouts Schedule

Tryouts will be Sunday the 5th and Sunday the 12th

3rd-7th grade 3:00-5:00  and 8th-11th grade 5:00-7:00




If you missed our tryouts, but are still interested in our NWI Thunder Program, please send me an e-mail, and we will see if there are any possible openings for your daughter.


Please print, sign and bring the above waiver with you to AYBT Nationals, along with proof of grade (last year's) via report card, student ID, yearbook with students name and picture, etc.  This is mandatory for registration.


Who we are!

NWI Thunder is a non-profit  based program focused on developing players, honing skills, and preparing girls for elementary, middle and high school basketball programs, and beyond. Our coaches are 100% volunteer, and all of their time and energy is focused exclusively on the players. The primary objective of the program is to expand the skill set of all the girls for the next level of play, including those with college aspirations. We currently have a fabulous group of players and families, and have grown each season based on additions from word of mouth, and the success many of our girls have had beyond their HS basketball careers. We are open to all girls from 4th grade up who have some basketball experience. 

Please note that while we fully expect the girls to grow and develop their skills through our program, it is probably not a good fit for a beginner with minimal basketball experience. This is especially true for all players in grades   7th - HS, as the competition levels are much higher as the girls get older.

Top Ten Signs you are a GREAT Team Player

  1. You are willing to play any role that helps the team.
  2. You would rather score less and win, than score a lot and lose.
  3. When your team scores, the first people you congratulate are your teammates.
  4. You love practice as much as you love games.
  5. Your respect your opponents, even if they don't deserve it, but you don't fear them.
  6. You listen, are coachable and respect your coaches and the officials.
  7. You are quick to pick up a teammate who is having a bad day.
  8. You help younger teammates who have less experience than you.
  9. You learn & grow from your own mistakes as well as others.
  10. You are confident, but not arrogant!

NCAA Registration

ALL NWI Thunder players in grades 7th and up (ONLY) must complete the NCAA registration process to compete in ANY NCAA certified event. This must be updated every year. This is NOT the same as registering for our NWI Thunder program which is required for ALL players regardless of grade. All girls in grades 7th and older, CLICK THE LINK ABOVE THAT SAYS NCAA REGISTRATION→ This process takes only a few minutes to do. There is a short video that must be viewed. PLEASE make sure you check the box that says you have watched this, and ALSO complete ALL school information, including phone numbers. I will be checking the NCAA site for completion, and you will be added to our NCAA rosters accordingly. After I have done this, you will get an e-mail to the address you have entered inviting you to be added. You MUST confirm this or you will not be permitted to play. Any non-registered players are forbidden to play in NCAA events, so please do not delay in getting this done. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thanks!



Once we get our 2022 Spring/Summer season underway, and uniforms ordered, will will then be working on Fan Gear orders.  We will post details here and send out an order form to everyone. Hopefully, this will be sometime in mid March. Please note that the below link is not currently active.  We will update it when that time comes.

NCAA Division I Eligibility Center

Division I Academic Requiments

NCAA Division II Eligibility Center

NCAA Division II Academic Rquiements

    NWI Thunder

    NWI Thunder is an Elite Girls AAU Basketball program.  We are based out of Valparaiso, Indiana and currently have players in our program from Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.   Teams range from 4th to 11th grade. 

    Updates & News

    Social Media

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    NWI Thunder Girls AAU Basketball
    Valparaiso, IN
    Phone: 219-299-1141
    Facebook: nwithunder
    Instagram: nwi_thunder
    Twitter: nwithunder@jdoelling1

    Feel free to contact us any time with questions/interest in our program or how to become a part of our NWI Thunder family!